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Matrix Wishlist

Matrix is a great chat protocol / platform. It's got some of the basics nailed down, but sadly, there is a few missing things, so here is the wishlist.

Most of these are based on what I think makes a good experience on Discord, sadly Matrix leaned closer to IRC in modelling their protocol, but it should not be impossible to bring things over.


Discord offers events, wherein I can designate a channel or voice chat and people can click a button. Then they get notified when it starts and it highlights the channel. The benefits are pretty simple;

It's a pretty crucial part of how I handle my DnD group.

Arbitrary Sorting of Channels, Categories

This isn't strictly a client-side issue, even if it may appear to be. As someone who runs guilds, I'd love to be able to put channels into categories (NSFW, SFW channels, Event Channels, Tabletop Channels, etc.), so people can quickly filter out channels they're not interested in and common-interest channels are grouped together. On top of that, I'd love to be able to sort channels arbitrarily and have the client default to that sorting. An obvious application is having a channel named #tabletop-group and #loot. The tabletop channel would be sorted below the #loot channel if it's sorted alphabetically and if you have multiple loot and group channels, activity sorting won't handle it either.