I updated the style.css file of my blog, it should work properly with mobile devices now (body was having a bit of a problem with the padding/margins).

I've also been incredibly busy with learning for my exams so I haven't had time to deal with any projects yet.

However, I did find time to setup a SMTP server for everything so I don't have to rely on my current provider for Mail anymore. Sadly I had to do a lot of manual setup as ansible wasn't quite up for the task.

Apparently OVH is currently having a small network outage, I was somewhat alerted by my VPN going apeshit and my PFSense instance dropping alerts left and right. It's quite annoying to be confined to my local DSL router. Atleast I escaped the 20%+ package drop!

My various VMs and webapps seems to be steaming fine though, so it's not the worst of the worst like last time!

I added ISSO for commenting to my site, I haven't enabled the SMTP service yet, so I won't be able to approve any comments, I'll probably do this at some point this week, if not just ping me on mastodon; @tscs37@mastodon.social


I actually did the SMTP thing now so feel free to comment away!

It looks like Voyager is still going strong after all this time, they fired some thrusters on it that haven't been in use since saturn.


I've recently begun to move all my content and hosting to a dedicated server, some of my websites may be temporarily unavailable over the next few months if they get moved.

I'm also looking for a comment-engine for this blog that values privacy, probably going to write something based on webmentions...