Over the last few months, I've observed a sharp incline in the abuse of AI and algorithms to patrol social media. This ranges from the demonetization of youtube videos to the automatic removal of facebook posts.

Example Image of Facebook removing Content

The problem with this approach is the usual; computers lack the capability to unders...

HTTP Routers are largely based around string-matching with placeholders. When a request for /api/customers/1/billing comes in, a patterns like /api/:relation:/:id:/:relation: might match on the router, prompting it to call a very specific function with the mentioned parameters.

But what if it...

Before we dive deeper into the topic, it should first be established what a boring software stack is.

It's rather simple and you probably heard the setup before;

  • Linux as Server OS
  • Apache as Webserver
  • PHP as Backend
  • MySQL as Database

Now that this has been expressed, many modern develope...

I'm currently working on finishing some of the base architecture of the previously discussed tree architecture.

The BlobLayer has received an update to allow direct writing on the blobs. Based on this functionality a slice access is established which addresses slices based on their index. To find...

To design a modern filesystem, you kinda need trees to some extend. The problem I've found is that existing implementations of trees, atleast in Go, either memory map data or other, similar problems.

To aid in discovery of the perfect tree for this project, I've summarized some requirements;

  • All...

The first hurdle to saving data in a FS is the allocation on disk. On the disk, there is only raw data accessed by addresses (or similar structures like Cylinder, Head, Sector, etc.)

To sidestep this issue, SRPFS is an overlay on top of an existing filesystem. It is seperated into three layers;

  • B...